Piano Music Production

Studio Mathisson Productions is an independent production company with a track record of >25 releases per year, but also a full-fledged small-scale creative music studio with few limitations. We're specialized in piano music, pop, folk, jazz and contemporary classical productions.

Music Production

We make Spotify ready music from your project, including mixing and mastering!

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Piano Production

Do you want me to write you a song?
Do you love the piano sound of our released music and want that to be you?

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Audio restoration

Did the mic get wet on the wedding and you want to hear the speaches?

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Our Managed Playlists

Hours of incredibly beautiful contemporary piano moods, for times when you need to stop and think; calming, focusing and comforting piano melodies. Sparse but dynamic instrumental piano arrangements from talented artists and composers, original music only, no drums or vocal! The playlists are rotated weekly, please use the button below for any submissions!

Contemporary Piano Moods
Contemporary Piano Ambience
Contemporary Piano and Strings
Contemporary Epic Instrumentals

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