Rikard Mathisson

Join my journey - exploring the music within!

My music is about love, life and death, light and darkness. It's about being human, and still the roaring animal within. The thunder in my heart and the sunset in my dreams. It's not just about a track or an album, it's about being the vessel that is carried away by the music itself...

It's also about me. And you!

I work with piano music from a perspective that what you feel is the most important!

Rikard Mathisson is a Swedish contempary piano composer, artist and producer. He produces piano music in the style of Yann Tiersen, Michael Nyman, Nils, Frahm and Béatrice Martin (Coeur de Pirate), but also pop and electronica.

He writes and produces neoclassical Nordic folk-inspired music and lyrics. Earthbound and heavenly, true to the core of each tune, striving to inspire other people to contribute to this universe with art and music during the lifetime, contributing to something larger than the individual. Every song has it's own soul, mood and sense...

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