Studio Mathisson Productions

Studio Mathisson Productions is an independent production company with a track record of ~250 productions since 2017, but also a full-fledged small-scale creative music studio with few limitations. Specialized in piano music, pop, folk, jazz and any contemporary productions. We provide our clients with serious efforts to make the productions stand out with various services.

Music Producer

Rikard Mathisson has been producing over 200 productions the last few years and proudly stands behind successful releases from In Void, and Becky Ainge besides from his own work. All releases he has participated in as producer is available on the Releases page, and also on the So Far playlist above

The producer is open for business, check out the Contact page and ask for a prospect!

Rikard Mathisson Piano Music

Rikard Mathisson is a crossover / contemporary piano artist located in Sweden. New music each month, as solo or with William Ogmundson in the magnificent duo "In Void", with Aleco in "Aleco and Mathisson" or with Tommy Karlsson in "Twelve". Check out the releases (click on the photo)

Composing / Song Writing / Scoring

Rikard Mathisson writes and perform own music in many genres, mostly piano centered but not limited to piano music. He also make collaborations around the globe with different artists, and works with both music composers and lyricists. If you want a custom made song, here is your one stop-shop!

Artists and Collabs

We collaborate with- or help out a number of artists with productions and releases, listed on our artists page.


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