A little project about Hope. Lead by Project Kronos, released as a series of singles from Feb. 19 until March 26, ending with an album release. The project is suppored by, and made availabe in all sreaming services by Silent Beat Records 🙌

Aspiration - A little piece of HOpe

The year of 2020 was difficult for many. A raging pandemic that killed 2.3 million people, racial tensions everywhere, a huge blast in Beirut that destroyed half the city, and unprecedented tornadoes and wildfires in California and Australia.

The Hope piano compilation album was born of an idea to bring together 12 well-established pianists from across the globe and spread a message of hope through their music, each in his own way.

Uplifting and inspirational piano melodies that we hope will bring peace of mind and put a little smile in these dark times. It is a message of hope for better days in 2021, a message of healing, unity, equality, and love.

The pianists in this project are from across the globe: Lebanon, USA, UK, Spain, Italy, Austria, Sweden, Japan...

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Featured Artists