Living a life with darkness within - The Joy of Sadness

Melancholica - The Joy of Sadness

Where art meets music with a real story behind every track, leading to a greater release further down the line, taking the listener on a journey within! Rikard Mathisson knows how to make beautiful music from sad emotions, reaching far beyond the facade of happy faces we meet everyday.

I know many people feeling bad when the darkness comes, and they often meet a solid wall of toxic positivism. This project is my way of saying "it's okay to not feel allright"!

Many people know how it feels to get the cheering-ups when being falling down a pit of darkness, and I even konw several that have been harassed in social media for not living up to the "norm" of having perfect lifes on their false newsfeed. I want people to be able to live full lives even when depressed and not having to feel ashamed for the darkness within.

I wanted to create a project that provides some solace to these people, but also depicting the emotional state for people that have not reflected over the depth they have within. I hope the inner void may become apparent for some people after listening to my Melancholica tracks - or at least that's my intention, to let the listener explore and enjoy this state of mind.

The artist Åke Franzén is working by my side, depicting the music in art and has provided an amazing gallery of pictures leading to the same places as the music.

I run this project as solo piano releases and collaborate with a number of artists over the globe. See featured artists and release details below.

The Music


Åke Franzén
Covert art for Melancholica I-IV

William Ogmundson
Performs "Frantic"

Marc Vliegen
Arranged "Beyond the Unknown"

Niclas Gustafsson
Production Consultant

Anna Lahmer
For upcoming work

Becky Ainge
For upcoming work

Aiden Button
For upcoming work