The first release in the series "Piano på Svenska" - May 5th-23

Piano på Svenska

Rikard Mathisson proudly presents his latest solo project, "Piano på Svenska." Inspired by the legendary jazz pianist Jan Johansson and his unique interpretations of Swedish folk tunes, Rikard's enchanting melodies capture the essence of "det svenska vemodet" in his music.

The upcoming album, "Piano på Svenska," features a collection of original compositions that showcase Rikard's folky piano expression, blending modern neoclassical piano with the rich tradition of Swedish folk music.

In parallel, Rikard Mathisson and pianist Erik Slättberg collaborate on their joint project, "Mellan branta stränder." This captivating blend of neoclassical piano, Nordic folk lore, and jazz pays tribute to the musical heritage of Sweden. Together, they bring their unique interpretations of traditional and original compositions to the stage, offering a soulful musical experience.

Join Rikard Mathisson on his captivating journey through the heart of Swedish piano music with "Piano på Svenska," and immerse yourself in the collaborative magic of "Mellan branta stränder" with Erik Slättberg. Stay tuned for more details on the album release and performance dates.